And you've never done that, and you haven't even been at the company for. . .

Okay, this down there is me (hi!) I have recently become familiar with the feeling of coming into the company as an amateur designer who has never done this for anyone, let alone getting paid to do it, and you don’t know what you’re doing, literally.

Posts this mockups that, day in, day out you are acquiring skills but you can’t think of doing a full project because how on earth would you tame the dragon when you are still not even sure what branding means at all.


A colleague (with irrationally high level of confidence) says to you, “Well, do you want to try?” And what the heck, you set your mind to the grind, and if you make it – great.


It was the Employer Branding Festival known as “Empple”, if you do not know what EB (Not EuroBank) means, a quick Google will reveal to you, but essentially the person who does the employer branding is half marketer half HR.

In retrospect, what I realized a little while later was how much golden the words that were spoken at one point as part of the brief were: “do it how you would want it to look like,” or even better “make it like stickers that you would put on your laptop.”

Now, event branding is similar to brand-branding in the sense that it must be memorable and convey the essence of the message or in this case – the slogan, which this year is: “Look back. Move forward.’ My first idea was to play with perspective, and make it have legs, alluding to movement? Maybe?

And that’s where creative mayhem comes in – in the best possible way.


After successfully working out the proposals for stickers and a shirt where I literally kicked ass, the snowball starts rolling and they task me with coming up with…well, everything else.

I was taking insulin, I was a such a kid in a sweet shop in that moment.






And as icing on the cake they bring me in to do the STAGE and ACCEPT it which was totally pinch me moment for me.

As a moment of ultimate catharsis I was invited to the festival (Thank you to the organizers! Hyuck!) and the feeling of seeing everything you’ve done in physical reality is only perhaps comparable to the birth of your first child.

It was great, 10/10 would recommend to all young designers.