Okay, you got the logo. Take a deep breath because you now also need...

A business card and a memo. That’s all you need. But… then a colleague in finance saw the memo and asked what the invoice template looked like. And speaking of which, it is convenient to have a PPT template for internal use, as well as a separate template for sales. And speaking of sales, the delivery guy asked for a uniform: just a hat and a shirt for now. And the branding of the delivery vehicle to boot.

But then the employees saw that the delivery guy had a t-shirt in the company’s colors, so they asked for their own t-shirts to be made. Both the male and female versions, of course. In addition, they can use the ID card lanyard discreetly branded not to disturb the business casual mode. Do we want a set of stickers for the laptop as well?  Why not? The field colleague then sent a long list: they need the appearance of a cardboard shelf, a poster in two dimensions, a flyer, an A-board, a door sticker and even coasters(?!). Makes you wonder what those guys in the field are doing in the first place?

Of course, packaging should be done, as well as branding the transport box in six sizes, as well as plastic bags in three sizes. You got a vending machine? It should also be branded.

Alright. You can chill now. That’s more or less it.

Although… when the anniversary of the company comes, you should also make a paper bag and branded gifts, thank-you notes, diplomas and engraved awards and the appearance of the stage for events.

We are not joking when we say that all this above is just one usual Tuesday in Žiška. For Ananas, for example, we did EVERYTHING on the list above.

You don’t want to know how the term branding originated (it has to do with cows) and today it is much more than just placing a sign of your company on everything it owns. The challenge is to avoid visual saturation, that is, to do everything so that it exudes the spirit of the brand, but not to overdo it. Our designers develop additional patterns for this purpose, use all colors from the allowed palette and propose innovative positions for branding.

For the Empple festival we branded again… everything. From the stage, the speaker stand and the space, through gifts, diplomas and even the very awards that are made of Plexiglas. It was nice to see the Empple logo, which was also done in Žiška, grow and expand in so many formats. Branding is the best way to bring your logo to life, have it be seen and accepted.

Sometimes we even have the reverse case – our brand has cooperation or sponsorship from another brand and it is necessary to include elements of both. Previously (when we still had an internal team) we often did this with League of Legends, one of the most played games in the world:

Whatever you need, we’re here – on Tuesdays and every other day.