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Regional brand image campaign for Rauch brand of juice.

This a story about the 360 campaign we did for the international juice and tea manufacturer – Rauch. Specifically, for their juice line – Bravo. If you’ve ever bought juice in any Balkan market, you’ll surely remember this brand. However, what might be a bit challenging is positioning it against its competitors.

Communicating the essence of the BRAVO brand in a way that resonates with a younger target audience. And all of this in a category where direct competition has been communicating with the same target audience for years.

When we started developing the creative idea, we began with what is the essence of the BRAVO brand. In English, it translates to: Celebrate yourself! But what does celebrating oneself mean?

Celebrating oneself is not a shared experience. It’s not celebrating a wedding, the birth of a child, or graduation. Those are big things that happen rarely. If we want to “celebrate ourselves,” we have to find a reason to do it… every day!
And that’s how we came up with the small things, or rather: BRAVO moments! Like when, for example, you drop a pencil, catch it before it hits the ground, and feel like a ninja. Or when you crumple up paper and toss it into the bin from six meters away WITHOUT MISSING. Nobody will praise you for these “feats,” but they’ll give you that “I’m-the-king-of-my-world” feeling and a well-deserved:

To faithfully represent the subjective feeling of celebration, we had to confront it with objective reality. So, we divided our spot into two worlds: the first, real one, where our hero does something cool, and then the second, inner world of the hero, where he celebrates this achievement as the greatest success with an explosion of colors, sounds, applause, and, of course, product consumption.

And that’s how we arrived at the slogan for our campaign!
“Bravo me!” in a very simple and clear way conveys the essence of celebrating small and personally significant moments through a phrase that is naturally used in the language. Oh, and by the way, it conveniently contains the brand name. Can’t get better than that!
For static formats, we chose the key BRAVO ME! moment, the moment when heroes celebrate their feat from the spot. The applause behind them conveys the sense of achievement, and more importantly, it comes from within them because it’s a personal feeling of celebration.

Just when you thought, “TVC done, creative concept done, that’s it,” surprise…
Now, the creative concept needs to be applied to city lights, buses, boxes, digital, billboards… Then all of this needs to be adapted separately for each market: Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Kosovar, and Macedonian.
And then, on each market, there are different tastes.
And in the meantime, while we were doing this, new flavors were introduced.

In translation: there was a lot of designing!


From the start, we knew most of the creative content would end up where the young ones are. So, in addition to the hero video, we shot 9 vertical short videos for Reel and TikTok. We engaged influencers in all seven markets, created a landing page, banners, short videos, and static formats. And then, from the beginning of May, we watched as one market after another activated the BRAVO ME campaign.


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