After it, nothing is the same.

We were surprised, too. But the first campaign was carried out back in the 18th century. Which is to say almost two hundred years before the brand was born. The campaign was selling living in North America. “Piece of arable land” and “a mountain of possibilities in unexplored territory” sound like compelling key messages for the citizens of Western Europe of that period.

Although we do not have an accurate KPI, it seems that the ancestors of today’s ~330 million people were convinced. If you need something similar for the brand you’re working on, you’re in the right corner of our site.


What is a creative campaign?

A creative campaign is a set of activities aimed at meeting a business goal for a limited period of time. A goal could be any number of things. From the launch of a new product, through the employer branding initiative, to the marking of the brand’s jubilee. There must be other goals we’ve forgotten, and you have those in mind as you read this article.

Compared to Activations, the key difference is comprehensiveness. Unlike the Brand Activation that happens on some channels, the campaign activates everything. The campaign changes the language framework of your brand and introduces new visual elements, while activation operates within the framework already set. The goal of activation is a concrete activity that we expect from users, and the campaign serves to review, refresh or consolidate the brand value. Most importantly, activation ends with the end of the competition, while the campaign becomes a reference point in communication, affecting the business in the longer term.

But the main question is not what a creative campaign is, but what it brings to your brand. Well, let’s go!

A new story about an old story

Through creative campaigns, we find ways to tell a familiar brand story in a new way. If you need a fresh look at a slogan, values or occasions that you already know well, a campaign is a good solution. Because it lasts longer and often spans multiple channels, it gives us the space to tell a new, comprehensive story about your brand. Of course, every good story begins with finding a new and relevant insight.

This led to an integrated campaign for Dijamant. We realized that in Serbia there is one word for “love” and a countless number of recipes with margarine that speak of it. We made a video about a unique restaurant with the best food in the world. Food prepared by our loved ones when they want to show us how much we mean to them.

This is how we started an important conversation – and that is how we talk about love in Serbia and where food belongs in all of this. Read the whole case here, and on the channels of Dijamant, see how this campaign from 2019 continued its life in the coming years.

Recruitment of new demographics

The campaign also serves to take your brand to new channels and speak a few words with a slightly wider audience. The campaign takes a limited time, so it’s a good opportunity to invade TikTok, YouTube, or billboards. New channels are an opportunity to make contact with demographics you don’t target on a daily basis – and to attract them to make more permanent contact with the brand. That’s exactly what we did when we launched Coconut Kasato.

We launched Coconut Kasato by rethinking the advertising paradigm. Instead of praising the new flavor – Coconut Kasato, we decided to be honest. We glued the warning slogan next to the packaging and invited people to try and let us know the honest reaction. Our regular communication takes place only on Instagram, but this campaign has also integrated GDN, TikTok, Influencers, YouTube and POS.

Connecting to the community

Recruiting is just the first step. We also need to continue building relationships with the community. We know we sound like a stereotypical Dating/Love/Life Coach, but we can prove it! Another thing that applies to relationships, you generally have more things in common the more similar your age is.

And Rum Kasato said to us, “We’re celebrating our 30th birthday!”

The age of thirty, in addition to the timeline, took on a completely different meaning. It has become synonymous with – “No family lunch will be able to pass without questions such as:  “When will the child/apartment/marriage come along?” And as time goes on, every Sunday lunch begins to look more and more like a patron saint’s day lunch…

And who better to understand the anguish of a 30 year old than another 30 year old!

Evolution of Brand Position

Every campaign starts with some very real challenge that is solved in a limited period of time. And yet, the best campaigns are the ones that not only “solve the problem”, but favorably reposition the brand even after the end of the campaign.

One such campaign started from a simple challenge: we needed to hire experienced IT developers in the Infostud Group. In Subotica. What seemed like a “simple” initiative for recruiting candidates turned into a campaign that reviewed the ways in which we are recruiting in Serbia.

Check out our hero video, and read about the whole campaign here. We have attracted over 100 quality programmers. However, the biggest and less obvious result is the long-term positioning of the Infostud Group as a transparent and desirable employer in the IT sector. And all this in just a few weeks!

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If you want us to solve a challenge together or design the next step for your brand, let us know. We have markers, sticky-papers and a whole team of creatives who are not afraid to move your brand from its current position.