We did planks at the office, and here’s why!

In short, we did a rebranding campaign for FitPass. FitPass is no longer just a small, black&orange plastic card. It is now also an app. Next, a pumped up guy at the gym is no longer the first word association to working out, this is now a much wider story – movement is exercise in itself and we are talking more and more about healthy lifestyle. And… last, but not least, FitPass has so many disciplines that you cannot even imagine.

All other items should be communicated through the campaign, so, logically, it wasn’t hard for us to do a few planks as well…

Office work is a sport in itself

When we got the brief, we rolled up our sleeves and started pitching ideas. We hit a few walls, but we finally reached a conclusion – work is training in itself. You’re boxing with deadlines, swimming in organization and running all over the place. It’s just that these disciplines give you back pain and your stress levels are increasing.

However, not only did FitPass change, but our TG changed as well. If we addressed the employees a few decades ago, we would imagine them something like this – briefcase, business suit, a hat and a whole lot of seriousness.

Today, we are also talking to a developer who’s hitting that keyboard remotely, an attorney in a fancy jacket and an HR officer with NLP certificate.

We’ve identified our main focus groups, their obstacles on the job, but also when it comes to engaging in physical activity. We adjusted the messages and highlighted the signature – Radilice, programeri, HR-ice, Fitpass je za vass! (English: Working Bees, Developers, HR, FitPass is for You!)



There’s beauty in motion

We knew from the beginning – a gym and sports are not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s quite alright. Take me for example – I know I need privacy while I do squats or lift weights, but I would like to dance around in a group! That’s why we chose ordinary people, and not fitness instructors, and we contemplated the Joy of Movement concept that celebrates movement, shaking and wiggling. FitPass does fit all, and there’s nothing missing among more than 70 options of disciplines. Said the HR officer and danced the salsa:

We adjusted the messages to other actors as well, and it looked like this:



Joy of accomplishment

We wanted to show actors in their business environment, but also while they’re doing their workout. Whether at home, at the gym or at a salsa lesson. Since this space doesn’t exist – we had to create one. And do you know how difficult it is to find furniture in new FitPass colors? We didn’t either.


And while we wipe away the sweat from our foreheads with a sweatband, we think about how challenging and fun it was. But while we were looking at our creatives on the billboards, we didn’t regret even the muscle soreness because of that plank from the beginning