Video series in which we define commonly used business terms of unclear meaning  

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Did you know that words have an expiration date? Okay, maybe not an expiration date, but we sure do something to them when we use them a lot, take away part of their meaning, wear them out slowly but surely, until one day we declare them commonplace, or even clichés. And then when we no longer feel that they can be useful to us, then we start throwing them about…

And this isn’t that important. Except when you’re doing creative work, so half your job is word manipulation, and the ability to communicate precisely about complex ideas is almost a basic skill. And then you start to wonder what creativity means. Or courage, in the context of creative work. Work on yourself, self-actualization? Motivation or leadership? Or some of the more everyday phrases from the business dictionary such as FYI, ASAP, KPI…

It’s like this:

“Even if the five of us, who work together every day, were asked what creativity means, you would get so many different answers,” murmured the fictional employee at Žiška, with his mouth full, at one of the long lunches together. “And imagine the extent to which we don’t understand each other once we get out of our bubble, when we write on LinkedIn or talk at a conference.”

And then we did the best thing you can do when you have a dilemma. We tried to do the thing, we made trial conversations, and then we looked at the material for a long time and tapped our chins in thought. Once we agreed that we had something interesting on the table, we started to think about the format, visual identity, production and artistic side of our venture.

Today, Throwing Words About (Frljanje) is the only series we produce, which is LinkedIn First, and although we publish it on other platforms, we believe that it resonates best with the business community, which is always interested in the same questions as we are – what exactly are we talking about when we talk about work. We all benefit from understanding each other better, discussing with more nuance, and expressing ourselves more accurately.

That’s why at the end of each video we offer an additional set of synonyms and phrases that can enrich the term we process. It is a symbolic act, although it sometimes results in some delusional ideas, such as when Milja convinced us that ’’ivičast’’ was a good alternative to the term edgy.

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In Žiška we often start new projects and we are trigger-happy when it comes to creating content. We instinctively turn on the cameras, adjust the lighting and disassemble the tripods whenever we get the chance. This is our way to test concepts, learn and develop, explore technologies and processes… but also to have fun. That’s how our podcast came about. Or the “Memory” series.