If you saw grandmother spying on IT companies on billboards, it was us. And here is the fine point of it.

You know, programmers in Serbia change jobs day in and day out. Or to put it professionally: turnover in the IT industry is high. Quality staff is in deficit, and companies are competing to offer the best possible conditions and the most competitive conditions. In such a ~dynamic environment,  it is difficult to stay up to date with all information about employers, positions and salaries.

That is why is a site that you should not miss when looking for a job in any role in the IT industry. We know that, and at the beginning of this year we were tasked with convincing all IT workers in Serbia. Easy? Ermmm…


When it comes time to look for work, programmers very often rely on referrals. You know: your friend tells you that they rest at his company on Mondays; on LN you saw that your colleague from college works from home and has a very good chair; and your mother tells you that her colleague’s son, well his best man and his wife have a salary of 3 thousand euros, but she does not remember in which company and what they do. But she knows it’s some kind of programming.

Logically, in such a system you may miss something – either a good opportunity or some, accidentally forgotten, bad side of the job. So we realized that the greatest value of HelloWorld is that it is the largest database of jobs, but also salaries and reviews in the IT industry. Actually the only place you need to go if you want to:

Starting from the window

Realistically, the grandmother is a symbol of knowledge in Serbia. And not just any old woman, but one known to the people as the sniper old woman. A characteristic phenomenon for the countries of Eastern Europe, it is seen in all cities and villages and certainly knows more about you than the TikTok algorithm. The only video surveillance in the neighborhood that never fails. In short, the granny in the window can’t miss a thing. Neither does HelloWorld!

However, in addition to knowing everything, the grandmother always wants only the best for her grandchildren. She is the ultimate combination of the Caregiver / Sage archetype brand, very local and close. That’s why we decided to make the face of the campaign a HelloWorld grandmother, ready to help grandchildren get all the information (and the best jobs) in the IT industry.

Our KPI was 1,000,000 visits to the site in two months. That is why we recorded a series of videos and presented all the benefits of using at an angle. In addition to digital content, we have placed billboards in places where the largest IT companies are located in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Then we snacked a bit

So as not to leave everything to words, we decided to cook ajvar, Granny’s homemade. We put a recipe on the ajvar label, but for a good job in the IT industry. We invited IT people to leave reviews on and help the community be informed about the working conditions in the industry. And in exchange for the contribution you would get– Granny’s ajvar.

A wee million visits later…

The KPI was clear – A MILLION visits to the site in two months. We achieved this, and visits increased by 178% compared to the previous year. More important than visits, we have raised awareness that is the only place on the Internet where you should be when choosing a new job or measuring conditions in other companies. Just so you don’t miss a thing!