This is a blog about the Infostud Group campaign.

Infostud Grupa je jedan od najpoželjnijih poslodavaca u IT sektoru. Pa ipak, poslali su nam brif koji je sadržao i prednosti i izazove rada na njihovim sajtovima – uz zadatak da osmislimo kampanju koja za cilj ima zaposlenje IT mediora. Nastavili smo Putem istine i u ovoj kampanji, a usput došli i do nekih uvida o tome kako Employer branding treba da izgleda u 2021:

The main challenge is not to reach the candidate

Anyone with a 200-euro budget can place an advertisement on Total Audience Serbia on Instagram and get a mountain of reach. The challenge is to close the mistrust gap. “Too good to be true” is a thinking close to most candidates. If the advertisement represents only “too good things” we conclude – it is not true. It’s time for employers to admit the same thing – to themselves and to the candidates.

And – mediors are not juniors. This sounds like we’re Sherlock, I know. BUT. Mediors have several years of experience, they have already worked in a couple of companies, they are aware that in most it is not “everything as it says in the advertisement” (unfortunately). That’s why we realized that the ad should be honest – just like the brief was. The brief highlighted challenges, such as working on complex sites and the fact that PHP is considered the least exciting to code. And that the job – is in Subotica.

Ad beautification is a public secret

Then we recognized that as commonplace as it is for many employers to put a good spin on jobs – no one talks about it online. In the teaser phase of the campaign, the Infostud Group started an important discussion on general employment places in their social places – and how to advertise jobs in 2021. We created the first “translator” from company lingo to Serbian and tried to translate what it means to be “Working in a dynamic environment” and when “We will call back regardless of the result” is true. People have joined us because, well, we all have similar experiences. Or at least we know someone who knows someone who got lost in the translation between employer and truth.


General place is not a good place

After that we just launched the main part of the campaign with a video ad which is actually a parody of the general places of video ads of employers. We opted for a creative approach close to the mockumentary format. The lead actress plays the “lead actress” who does not even know which company it is, we hear the “director” whose filming has dragged on, we see “employees” who would rather be somewhere else.

Instead of presenting the company in the best light, the viewer has seen largely a bloopers’ collage. With this procedure, we have achieved a contrast between the visual and the spoken. Throughout the spoken word, we offer essential and truthful information about the employer. Through what we see – we show the “reality” of filming an advertisement. From this tension, this video draws humor. And through humor, we communicate the most important advantage of the Infostud Group – they are confident enough in the quality of their offer, so they can joke at their own expense.

Čekiraj video.

An ad doesn’t have to be boring

Advertising is often the first thing a candidate sees about your company. If your ad is a combination of robotic sentences and a list of requirements, there are two options. One is that working at your company is uninspiring. The second is that working in a company is actually much more pleasant, but you don’t know how to communicate it through an ad. Neither of these options is a good signal for future candidates.

Make an effort with your listing and show that you care about “selling” your company and the position you offer. This will empower candidates to do the same – submit the best possible applications. And it will immediately filter out those candidates who are willing to go a step further to make their application stand out. And you can’t expect that if your ad in itself is – BLAH.

Not every employer branding campaign should be funny

If you follow all these steps, the chance is that in addition to the achieved KPI in terms of the number of applications, you will improve your company’s brand perception in the long run.

But that doesn’t mean you have to choose a humorous approach. Sometimes you’ll achieve the same level of directness like this. And that’s great because it proves that there are many ways to approach the labor market honestly in 2021. And that’s what’s going to make us all better at an adventure called Career.