A job that anyone can do

When I say illustrators, you probably think of famous cartoonists who have their own unique style: Bob Živković, Marko Somborac or Jim Davis. However, anyone can do this job! Here, me too:

Yeah, I’m trolling, but I got a point!

For the purpose of a marketing campaign, a stick man can be as much an illustration as a manga comic book – the question is what you want to communicate with the campaign: the spirit of children’s play or the spirit of the Far East. The complexity of the illustration makes it more complicated to perform, but not better for a campaign, video, post, site, packaging…

Even if you are looking for a complex illustration, even legendary illustrators would be practically useless to you! Each of them has a very recognizable style – as soon as you see Bob’s illustration you know who the illustrator is. The goal of the illustrator in advertising is to remain invisible, to remain in the forefront of the brand, art direction and style that best conveys the message of the campaign. Unless you’re collaborating with an artist, but that’s for another portfolio.

If there are some illustrators working for us, then why do I say in the sub-heading that no one is an illustrator? Because no one in the agency is an illustrator who can illustrate any illustration. This is quite different from other positions – if we had project managers who could only manage half of our projects, we would conclude that we have bad managers. However, since there are countless styles of illustration, even the most diverse illustrators are severely ignorant – statistically speaking. Dozens of masterful styles are still a drop in the ocean of possible styles.

So these are some of the illustrations we did. If it’s on this list, we know who can do it for sure! If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t mean we can’t, it just means we have to look at it and think.

The names are in our personal sense, certainly these directions have some nicer (more boring?) names:

Comic book from the daily newspaper

  1. Not art deco
  2. Lollipop
  3. The Children’s Empire
  4. Superhero comic

Comic book from the daily newspaper

Escaped from page 4 and right into the video!

Although, sometimes we go a little overboard and then instead of a comic book from the daily newspaper we get a whole almanac – which is what happened when we illustrated over 100 pirates for Kasato

Not art deco

These illustrations are reminiscent of the sophisticated styles of the first half of the twentieth century:


There’s something American about this style. It’s like it’s blending in with a red and white rotating roller, pinup makeup and the repeatedly covered song CandyMan:

The Children’s Empire

We also have an imaginarium to bring to the table!

Superhero comic

This illustration is most often used in comics about superheroes, medieval knights, epic beings. Such illustrations prepare us for a longer narrative, because we immediately associate them with famous stories from comics:

/   /   /


Most people assume that the illustrations in the agency are done by designers. However, a large number of graphic designers are not engaged in illustration. Some of these illustrations were done by designers, and some by videographers, project managers and agency owners.

The stick man counts!!!