Or how to celebrate the birthday of a pirate brand

In November, bus stations were occupied by the average Serb father, mother and grandmother with questions from the section: Sunday lunch in Serbs. Rum Kasato commercial was spinning in theaters, and the first pirate tram in Belgrade was on the tracks. If you haven’t caught any of this  – all the better, because this is the story of the campaign for 30 years of Rum Kasato!

Well, you know how it goes. The brand is celebrating its birthday, and the copy is bursting with: “for 20 years”, “40 years of tradition”, “half a century of trust”. This approach is okay, except for the fact that it’s based on the assumption that people care about brands’ birthdays. And a brand birthday is like an accountants’ party. We know it exists, but we don’t burn with the desire to attend.

When the brief came to celebrate Rum Kasato’s birthday we didn’t want to launch another jubilee campaign. The first decision we made was that our story should not only be about the brand – but also about the people. We wanted to address the real tension of our brand’s peers and tell the story of the Pirates.

So we started with the question:

What does being 30 mean in Serbia?

And we realized it wasn’t glamorous. In fact, it’s the year everyone starts bothering you more than before. Suddenly, every Sunday lunch turns into a storm of unpleasant questions. And it all comes down to when you are going to become your own person/become independent/get serious, because for God’s sake, you are already 30. And no matter how different, all these questions mean only one thing:

When will you become like everyone else, even though none of us are the same?

We decided that our communication would be a response to this tension. We’ve been brainstorming what the real pirate response to these pressures is. We knew the Pirates lived outside the system, didn’t care much about their age and expectations of the environment. They live as if they are only 30 years old and not thinking it’s an old age. And that’s how the slogan came about:

I’m only 30!

A simple, yet powerful sentence that puts the thirtieth birthday in a new context. And it’s just the context that fits the pirate brand: we’ve been here 30 years and we’re just getting started!

And from this sentence spilled out the whole integrated campaign. Check out the video and let us know how much it reminds you of Sunday lunch on a scale from 1 to 30!