Creating brad asset as a way to further engage core fans.

Since the inception of Rum Kasato, the struggle to crack open its treasure has been as legendary as the sweet itself. Countless nails, teeth, and nerves have been sacrificed on the battlefield against the Indestructible Foil. For years, brave consumers have conquered the challenge, some even penning complaints directly to the heart of the battle, Crvenka.

Rum Kasato, a pirate brand sailing the seas from 1991 to 2019, navigated the market without advertising. During this time, it managed to divide people into those who absolutely LOVE it and those who can’t stand it. With its unique taste, stickiness, not-for-guests attitude, and the difficulty of opening, Rum Kasato has earned both adoration and frustration. Those who love it go to extremes, even ready to participate in activations (yes, they’d even use a TELEPHONE).

Kasato Kukica emerged as the solution for the die-hard Rum Kasato fans. Unable to change the packaging due to production constraints (we don’t really get how it works, but that’s what they told us!), we decided to do the next best thing. We created the first-ever opener in the confectionery industry: KASATO PIRATE HOOK!

The video was crafted in the style of infomercials. Not only is this format familiar and beloved to many, but it’s perfect for products that like to pretend they have significant utility.

Through the video, we encouraged people to call the Rum Kasato Call Center and leave a voice message persuading us why they deserve the Kukica. We received around 300 messages in just two weeks of activation.

We won’t bore you with media results (the author can’t be bothered to tally metrics across channels). Instead, after this campaign, we leave Rum Kasato with a lasting brand asset – the first opener in the sweet treats category.