The first fairytale book made by a brand. And the confectionary one!

But why exactly… the book? We have recognized the lack of new, quality content that will bring together children and parents and make them interested again in reading and creativity. That is why we published – Return to Unrestrained Land – and other bedtime stories, a unique collection of tales written for all the dreamers.

We got in touch with the 8 most recognizable contemporary authors and created 13 original fairytales that were eventually published in the Vulkančić edition. Between its covers, the Return to Unrestrained Land provides the answer to a question how to keep our inner child, and at the end of the book there is a special fairy tale, that is unfinished! This is an opportunity for the children, with parental support, to tell their own stories and imagine themselves as the heroes of a fairy tale!

But, what is the link between Munch and fairytales? If we imagine Munch as a character, it would certainly be the Little Prince. The entire brand communication is telling stories in an imaginative and childish manner. That is why this brand is often related with daydreaming, dreamers, artists and children, and fairytales encompass exactly this kind of things! In the fairytales we covered the topic of friendship, sharing and from time to time we meet Munch through a character of the girl Munchelina or a sports discipline – fencing!


It was important for us what the parents think, but most of all what the youngest critics have to say, that is why we placed their reviews throughout the city.

We also found the influencers’ opinion very important, with their take on the topic of parenthood and reading.

Creating a high-quality content for children and bringing back the reading habit was our main goal, therefore we decided to support the children’s libraries, in order to make this content available to everyone, not only on the internet. By buying the Munch book, we support together the restocking of children’s libraries throughout Serbia. Second edition has been already published and the first one amounted to 2000 copies! Besides, our message has found its way to 999k parents so far!

The additional project that we are currently preparing involves a video series where the parents read the bedtime stories to their children and we have a warning to give: these videos are super cute! Just like the book. And we are very proud of the fact that these books shall fill the shelves of daydreamers’ libraries!