Do you have a better suggestion on how to translate the word Naming? Maybe. . .

If so, then Žiška is often the godparent in finding the right name for projects, services and even festivals. First of all, ask yourself if you want to entrust the job of naming a company that has called itself “Žiška”? But even if you get through it, why would you let anyone come up with the name of your company, project, or service?

A name is an important thing, even more important than the logo! A good name is something employees are not ashamed to hear. If you do not want to be called “that company at Kalenić pijaca, you know them”, it is best to hire professionals to come up with a beautiful, audible and memorable name. Is it necessary to consider whether the name is in Serbian or English? Is it lowercase or uppercase? How it sounds, how it is written, whether it conveys the right message – these are all things to consider.

For Zuehlke we designed the names of the employee packages. It is already clear from the name that all packages are part of the same batch because they have the same prefix. From the name it is also clear what is in the package: whether it is a mode of operation for overachievers, work from home or for those who want to work less than 8 hours a day.



For the same client, we have been the originators of names for all 10 meeting rooms they have in their new office space. As a rule, companies from this sector have halls with the names of Serbian scientists, which creates fun situations in which someone tells you: “See you in five minutes in Pupin.”

We knew we could do better, so we took this mission seriously. What emerged from this collaboration is a great illustration of how much information a name can hold. There are ten halls and there was a risk of employees mixing them up. That’s why we designed the first letter in the name of each hall to follow the letters of the alphabet. And not only that, but the number of letters in the name corresponds to the number of seats in that room.


A: Algorithm

B: Backup

C: Cloud

D: Domain

E: Enter

F: Firewall

G: Glitch

H: Home

I:  Index

In this way, only from the name, employees have an idea of the location of the hall and its capacity.



Recently, we had the honor to name the first domestic festival for employer branding. Somehow we managed to bring the employer and the people together in a sweet and short word: empple.

If you read the name of this festival as nipple, consult your psycho-therapist.

So, if you have something new and you don’t know what to call it, call the godparents from Žiška! Not only will we do it well, but we’ll all have fun.