Brand relaunch for Nutri O'cake.

The new Nutri O’cake has 30% more oat flakes, 30% less sugar, is 100% whole grain, packs a whopping 11 grams of fiber, and includes the prebiotic inulin. Phew, how do we convey all that in one slogan? Well, let’s just say it’s “Better.”


People often say “OKAY” even when they shouldn’t. They end up with a hairstyle they don’t like. Or wait outside for the courier in the rain. Or accept Aunt Dragica’s friend request. We all encounter these situations every day. Most of the time, they’re small things, compromises we don’t really have to make. Like a little more oat flake, or a little less sugar. So our campaign with a message that everyone should strive towards better. Whether it’s about a hairstyle, delivery, or – a cookie!

We found the perfect face to tell this story – none other than in our own team! Jelica has created a mockup video for campaign, and she did it so well that we all agreed she had to be on all billboards. We needed a heroine who, through expressions other than a smile (typical for the wellness category), conveys the sentiment of the new, improved recipe. It’s time to refresh the communication of whole grain cookies!
But we didn’t stop there. We created a series of videos with the main character speaking unfiltered about all the things that can be better!

We also invited well-known faces to try the new cookie and tell us if it’s really better than the previous one:


Anyone who went to the store for cookies in May came across our wobblers, shelves, or shelf dividers, all communicating one thing: “Hey, the new Nutri O’cake is now better!”
Oh, by the way, if you drove over Branko’s Bridge and noticed the lampposts screaming that there’s something better, that was us!


So, was the campaign really better in the end? The content on Instagram and Facebook that we shared during the campaign brought the highest engagement to the O’cake brand since its existence. Throughout this campaign, the main competitor in the same category also had their campaign, but only Nutri O’cake saw a sales increase, while the competitor experienced a sales decline in the same period. In the campaign month (May 2023), Nutri O’Cake achieved historically its highest market share of 21.8%.