And how food actually interacts with loved ones

Dijamant u sve se meša

For many years, Dijamant table margarine has been one of the favorite ingredients that housewives in our area use to prepare various treats, pastry and homemade cakes (lean ones in particular). That’s how Dijamant communicated in its commercials. They mainly focused on food preparation, sometimes on the relationship between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law, where the well-known slogan “Gets all up in your business” came from. Later, they added “love.” And then – they wanted to talk a little more seriously about this particular love. To bring the product closer to people and to focus not only on the dishes.

That’s when we started exploring. How exactly do housewives use margarine and what are these dishes? What else is there?

We realized that the story goes beyond our small team, actually – it concerns the family. That’s why we included the whole agency (that was 20 people at the time). Everyone sent us stories of their favorite family meals. We got all kinds of things – polenta, pastries, cakes that turned out great by mistake, dishes that reconcile grandma and grandpa, sarmas that are packed in boxes, then in three layers of foil and sent to Belgrade by bus. We realized a very important thing, that food is not just food, but a means of communication.

We realized that in Serbian families we communicate love, care and attention more often through home-made food, through the dishes we leave for tomorrow, lunches that interrupt the missing of people. Maybe it makes it easier for us to convey “I’m sorry, I miss you and you mean a lot to me.”

Dijamant set

It was around such warm and gentle messages that our campaign was based. We made a stunt video in which we just proved it:

With about 400 thousand views on YouTube, and about 550 thousand views on social networks, this video began a great activation in collecting – not recipes, but stories about families, about food that connects them and distinguishes them from all other families. Here we got something quite special – over 80 authentic stories from all over Serbia in which our followers described a wide variety of dishes. The site recorded over 30 thousand users during the campaign, and the most beautiful and gentle stories were awarded kitchen equipment for cake preparation and Dijamant packages.

In addition to stories, we encouraged our followers to have some nice memories, so only on Instagram and Facebook we got a lot of comments about old recipes that are inherited from generation to generation, about some past times and those who still prepare traditional and unusual dishes for their family members today.

This campaign won the Kaktus Award for the best integrated digital campaign in 2020.

We managed to start a story about people, about feelings, but in a way that allowed us to still speak the language of food.