How to stand out from the sea of racks?

Any printed material in marketing falls into a difficult category because, unlike digital formats, you do not have the luxury of correcting any errors. The cost of removing a campaign that is already placed in the visual space is higher and each message must be thoughtful because you do not have targeting and similar benefits of more modern communication channels at your disposal. At the point of sale, or in stores, printed material, it makes most sense to publish special offers related to the price or – the introduction of a new product on the market!

Although we have designed the launch of the new Kasato Coconut flavor through a digital campaign, our scope of work has reached up to the embroidered shirt for Kasato team commercialists, including materials at the point of sale. We prepared a shelf divider and a wobbler, and we adapted the design to Kasato communication – there was a pirate on the visuals, and the shelf divider even took the form of a pirate flag.

And the next Kasato campaign “I’m only 30” was followed up by a special shelf.

The fact that we had the ability to follow the campaign through multiple channels allowed us to remain completely consistent in the message we send. So the hero video on YouTube, the TikTokers as part of the activation and the pirate on the racks of retail stores were doing the same thing – inviting the target group to try a new flavor. We often communicate with influencers using specially made-tasting packs.

But point of sale material is much more than that. There are so-called buzzers at the entrance, wobblers, sticks, hangers… It can also be the whole corner in the store, for relaxation , as we suggested for  Grand. Or a big, soft pillow for Munchmallow. And it may only be an A-board in front of the point of sale, and even cup coasters at the café location to pick up the Ananas package.