and how it differs from others

Have you noticed that in business there is some shame about your own work? Most sites on the third scroll have an ambivalent description of the type:

We create strategically-driven, consumer-focused solutions that deliver sustainable viral growth with measurable impact on your profits. This is our passion…

In the end, you have no idea if they’re into marketing, development or beekeeping. This text is our attempt to do the opposite. From this page you can access every project we have ever put in our portfolio! The links below are the beginning of the tree. Each link leads you to a page that explains this service, and there you will find new links that lead to specific projects.

If you run a brand, this is where you’ll find out what we can do together. If you are from Procurement, this is where you will find out exactly how all our services differ. If you’re researching whether you want to work with us, click on anything that’s blue!

We make things. We understand how brands are built, but we also know that a brand strategy is only worthwhile if it is seen in communication to users. So, we make videos, photos, drawings, scripts and design as much as fancy presses, strategies and concepts.

To make any communication, be it a TV commercial or an Instagram post, at least 6 questions must be answered. To answer each of these questions, we need to organize different teams:

  1. Strategy:What are we doing?
  2. Creativity: What are we talking about?
  3. Design: What does it look like?
  4. Production: Who will make it?
  5. Media:Who’s going to see it?
  6. Projects: Is this really going to happen?

With the exception of the strategy that depends on the needs of the client, this is how our teams are organized, and this is how our services are organized:


Strategy is the only type of service we offer without a separate team specializing in it. Unlike most cases, this is not a decision we made based on much research, reflection and geeking. We brought it because any other option is impossible.

We said that the strategy answers the question “What are we doing?”. Thus, the strategy defines the basic set of rules, values and/or goals of a brand based on (of course) research, reflection and geeking. The result of this process is usually to raise awareness, define and formulate some truths about the brand.
These truths will later, for the entire duration of the project, be taken as a premise by all who work on it to make various decisions, from different areas.

This is why there are different types of strategies:

Since education is a prerequisite for a good strategy, we organize special workshops, lectures or trainings.



You must know what you want to say. Creativity is there so that someone would listen to you.

Creativity is there to convey key messages in an interesting way, to attract the attention of the audience, to make the message memorable. Slogans, texts, scripts, ideas for campaigns, ideas for posts will only be effective if they stand out from the crowd of others on the media where they appear.

We think a lot about creative work – because there is no advertising work without creative work. Sometimes it’s a commercial for detergent, sometimes a heart-breaking story about the meaning of food in the family. Sometimes it’s a TikTok series, sometimes it’s a LinkedIn post from a company party. As different as we are in originality, dramatization and depth of emotion – all our works are creative – whether they are:


When we come up with a creative idea, we need to design what that work will look like in reality.

Sometimes design is just an instruction for production, through moodboard, mockups and direction. However, sometimes design is production: say if we do a billboard only with stock photos, product rendering and designed elements. And sometimes design isn’t even design, but a direction for hundreds of subsequent design works.

So, the design can be:


When we design what something should look like – we should make it, that is, produce it.

This means that our team that deals with photography, video, animation, directing and other sexy things will attack the creative idea, just as much as chopping tomatoes, coordinating models and finding the right props. Our production can adapt to different budgets, creative requirements and channels: from the TikTok series to the TV clip.

Sometimes a creative idea is realized on the web. In this case, we take over the project management, and work with tried and tested partners. Thus, production can include:



Lease of advertising space, placement of ads, i.e. spending money on Facebook, Google, AlmaQuattro, cable, etc. is done by our media team.

Media is not necessary for a campaign, but campaigns are rarely successful without media support. At the end of the day – If a campaign was released in the forest, and no one was there to hear it – was the campaign really released?

Each project is unique, so we create an adequate media plan. Sometimes we raise awareness of some activation, and sometimes we go after conversions such as the number of purchases, registrations, or completed lead forms. Therefore, depending on the needs of brands, we offer the following media services:

  • Media lease: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google
  • Media planning: sales funnel optimization


The project team proposes specific activities that need to be implemented in order to meet the client’s goals. They coordinate briefing, debriefing, feedback, budgets, deadlines and administration with the client. Organize other teams in the agency, check the quality of work and report to the client.

More specifically, they open new profiles for brands, organize workshops, do community management. We offer the following project services:

  • Digital, social media, community management, influencer management
  • Employer branding
  • Integrated Campaigns, ATL

/   /   /

This list seems to us to be enough. However, sometimes we also get a request for a service that is not on this list. There are some services that we simply do not offer because they are not compatible with our organization. For example, the organization of events is one of them. For such services, we will forward you to teams that we have assessed to be very good at their job and share our client service standards.

And they’re fun company to go out and have a few drinks with!

This joke is just an introduction to “call 2 action”. That’s when we explain how we’re the best and that you should send us an email as soon as possible. However, if you understand this kind of text, you already know what to do.