Three reasons to change your approach to brainstorming. I hope.

There are no stupid ideas during brainstorming, but there are those that are detrimental to the creative process. It’s not a bad idea. Bad ideas may not suit the brief, strategy, tone of communication. Some have already been made or are not scalable. Whatever the case, they are still useful in the creative process. When someone throws out an idea that doesn’t fit the strategy, we all need to become aware of what the strategy is. This is how we create a common language. Once self-aware, a bad idea becomes a criterion for further work.

TLDR: Bad ideas are the opponent, but they’re not the final boss. The final boss are ideas that contain the word something.


Something-ideas lower the energy of the room and pull all the people in it with them. Ex: “We could do something with influencers”, “Should we do something on TikTok?“ What about something with IG Reels? ” Many people don’t like something-ideas, and I’ve decided to make a list of reasons to stay away from them. Because I love to make lists.

Something-idea is not an idea

The idea you’re saying doesn’t have to be real, but it does have to be specific. Otherwise, it’s not a solution but a new task for the rest of the team. We could do something with the influencers. What? What influencers? WHY? Here are three questions that need an answer. If you haven’t thought them through, the idea becomes a burden – and not overly inspiring.


The Illusion of contribution

When you throw out the “something-idea”, you feel that you have contributed to the process. Now you can step back and be more passive in the process, can’t you? The problem is, we’re actually no closer to a solution than we were before that idea. Brainstorming is not a competition in the number of ideas. Drilling other people’s ideas is often far more important than bringing a new idea to the table. Ask a question, analyze, upgrade. Stay present in the room, even if you don’t find the brief inspiring – that’s enough.

Story > format. Always

Although the creative process is complicated, people are quite simple. We respond to basic emotions – fear, love, empathy, etc. – and the stories that provoke these feelings. “We could do something with IG Reels” is the logical thinking: We have a new format -> The algorithm prioritizes this format because it’s new -> Let’s push our brand to IG Reels. This may be smart, but it’s not creative. So first think about what your brand has the right to say and how it says it, and then see which channel will have the most effect. Otherwise, you will get communication that is trending… and nothing more.

The creative process is not easy, but it shouldn’t be torture. Let’s wake up and shut down the things that make it harder than it needs to be. Otherwise, we’re not going to have much fun in advertising, and that’s why we’re here, right? This is my humble list, write to us if anything else comes to mind.