What is ŽIŠKA?

What is ŽIŠKA?

žiška (српски, ћир. Жишка)


  1. The noun, feminine, signifies flame, spark.
  2. The creative agency, of digital genus, was created by that one spark that shone in Miloš and Goran’s heads.How can two heads share a thought? Well, they can, if you’re each other’s best men. (Fun fact: the two of them are.)


But this phenomenon can be encountered even among 30 heads, if you share enthusiasm and a view of the work. Well, look at these, for example!


We close the dictionary here, but since we have a lot of youngsters in the office, including George (5 years old), and we know that young people do not like labels, we would like to additionally mention some possible understandings. Examples below:

Žiška is an idea that comes into being in a second when you’re taking a bath and you can’t stop thinking about it. Žiška is at the same time the idea on which the whole team worked hard for two weeks and we no longer know at what point exactly it was born. It’s also a place where you’re not afraid to bring these ideas up in a room full of people.

Žiška is what gives you no peace. We don’t want to bother you, it’s just that we can’t remain calm. That is why we deal with the creativity, projects, media, production and design. We as an agency, but also as individuals. Yeah, Žiška is Slashers.

Žiška is like hitting a rock with a rock. I mean, we’re not made of stone, and neither are the clients, we’re not hitting each other but -It’s when forces collide and sparks form. See, Žiška likes to collide with equal ambition of clients because we believe that we can all do better.

In the end, Žiška is people. And one dog, the George from before.

You’ll usually find us between two trees, in an irrelevant street, and you’ll recognize them by the PVC joinery and the good energy. Stop by for coffee or announce your visit at zdravo@ziska.rs and we’ll do something cool, so maybe your definition will be found in this blog.

P.S. Lunch time is from 11:00 to 12:00, so if you have to stop by just then, look for them at the restaurant across the street.